How Human Waste Can Be Turned Into Fertilizer For Home And Farm Use

Sludge left over from treating human waste was traditionally treated with bacteria to break down the organic material, then treated with chlorine to kill the bacteria, and then flushed out into waterways in some areas of the U.S. However, now-a-days, some municipalities are now turning that sludge into a fertilizer to be used on agricultural fields and home gardens. This process not only reduces the risk of disease in waterways if the sludge doesn't get properly treated, but it also limits the amount of chemical fertilizers farmer have to use on their fields to grow healthy vegetables and fruits.

Three Tips For Quality Steel Fabrication Work

For a company that specializes in, creates or uses any sort of steel parts, it pays to know some key tips about metal fabrication. Your company will be able to thrive in ways that you never imagined as long as you know a few tips about choosing the right structural steel company and understand a few metal fabrication processes. Read on and get the most out of these tips so that you are able to take your metal fabrication needs and production to the next level.

Spotting Weaknesses In Your Warehouse Pallet Racking

Taking advantage of the vertical storage space within your warehouse can be beneficial. Loading goods onto pallets and storing them on pallet racks can allow you to maximize the amount of product you are able to keep on-hand at any given time.   To ensure that faulty pallet racking doesn't lead to serious injury, it's important that you conduct routine checks for signs of weakness. Here are three things you should be looking for when evaluating the integrity of your pallet racking in the future.

Tips For Managing Your Ammonia Refrigeration System

As a business owner in the food service industry, food safety should be a paramount concern. One of the biggest factors in preserving food safety is storing your fresh foods at safe temperatures. If you have an ammonia refrigeration system in your facility, it's important to keep it running properly. Here's a look at the basics that you should know to keep your ammonia refrigeration system running properly. Ammonia Leaks

How Community Cleanups Are Beneficial To Income-Based Apartment Complexes

Dumpster rentals are commonly used for community cleanups. These events often take place a few times a year and give those who wish to participate a way to get rid of items that they no longer use or need. Rented dumpsters are placed in easy to access areas temporarily and residents are allowed to leave their unwanted belongings in the dumpsters to be hauled away. These cleanup sessions are helpful to many members of the community.