Want Statement Fencing Along The Stairs At Your Industrial Park? Why Steel, Concrete, Or Iron Are Ideal

If you would like to put up a fence going up the stairs or ramp to your commercial property to make it feel enclosed and so people can't fall off the stairs or ramp, there are some different unique industrial options you can choose. You don't need to do plain posts and railings, and instead you can do concrete, steel, or stone. Here are a few things you want to look into to get unique walkway fencing.


Custom poured, stamped, and stained concrete along the walkway and the ramp is a bold statement, and it's something that is going to last for decades. You can get the concrete to be stamped to look like stone fencing or a stone wall that leads up to the property. Look into options that will match the building and that can be poured high enough to be waist high on people walking into the building.

Custom Cut Steel

Have a laser cutting company cut a fence with designs and your business emblem, so people can partially see through to the landscaping or outdoor area while still having some openings for light. You can have fencing panels created and cut customized with your business theme or emblem, which will be very chic for people walking up to the building. With steel you can get a custom cut fence at any size and height, and you can get doors and other things to match.


Wrought iron fencing can be created with great detail if you want your stairway walls to pop when people walk up. Iron will be the most affordable option of the three choices, but it's something that you're more likely to see at other offices and industrial parts. Wrought iron can easily be created very high, and you can get custom features if needed.

If you're looking for a fencing option that goes along with the stairs into your office building or at your industrial park, you want something that will impress and that will stand out in comparison to other parks in your area. There are a lot of different materials you can choose from, but all of these materials are going to be durable and will last. Talk with local contractors to see what will be the best looking and most affordable option for safety and aesthetic appeal outside your building. 

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