3 Tips to Help You Choose What to Do with a Junk Car and Get Cash Rewards

Saving an old car may be something that you have done to have a backup form of transportation or to hand down to a child. As time passes, your may stop moving, and it can eventually fall to pieces. It may become an unsightly junk car in your yard and that you want to get rid of. Rather than just giving it away, you may want to get some cash out of it. Here are some tips to help you choose what to do with that old car that has fallen into disrepair.

1. Donate Functional Cars to Charity and Use the Receipts for Tax Deductions

You may want to consider donating your car if it drives and does not need major repairs. This can be a great way to have the car hauled off but going to a good cause. Donating your car does give you a financial benefit when you do your taxes. All you have to do is take the car to a charity that accepts vehicles and ask them to write you a receipt. Money for the car can be deducted from your taxes, so you will get more money back on your tax return (or have to pay less).

2. Get the Most Out of Custom Pieces You Have Added

If your old car has had custom parts added to it, you may want to look over it to see if any of these parts are valuable. Some older cars have rally wheels and other custom parts that can be valuable. It can be a good idea to remove these parts and sell them separately before selling your car. In addition, you may want to remove any aftermarket parts like chrome trim and air intakes that you may have added to the car.

3. Sell an Old, Rusted Junk Car to Get Cash for the Scrap Metal 

Most of the time, an old junk car probably does not run and may have had all the good parts stripped off of it already. This does not mean that there are not valuable pieces to get cash for. Before you take the car in for recycling, look for any alloys and other valuable metals on the car and separate them from the rest of the car. These metals are worth more money than steel, and you will get more by removing them and selling them to recycling programs separately.

These are some tips to help you choose what you want to do with a car that has become an unsightly addition to your landscaping. If you are ready to get rid of your old car, contact a salvage yard and talk with them about getting a little cash for your junk car.