2 Older Home Inspections That Will Help Save You Money Long-Term

As a homeowner, you have many advantages over renters, such as the ability to make aesthetic changes as you see fit, and the capacity to make any large or small renovations you desire without having to get permission from anyone else. But along with all of the benefits that come with home ownership, you can expect to face your fair share of responsibility – things like maintenance and repairs can add up over time, especially when you're living in an older home. Luckily, there are a few home inspections you can have done that should save you money on both repairs and regular maintenance, and, therefore, save you money as time goes on. Consider scheduling the following inspections:

Electrical System

The electrical system in a home of more than 40 years of age should be inspected to ensure proper and safe performance. You should also have the electrical system inspected if you complete a major renovation or add a new appliance to the place. Your service technician will make sure that there aren't any issues with the wires concealed within your walls and look for malfunctions that need to be addressed to improve safety and functionality. You can also expect your technician to:

  • Test all the components throughout your electrical system.

  • Replace outdated fuses and wires in the electrical panel as necessary.

  • Inspect and replace wet outlet areas if required.

  • Audibly check all light outlets for buzzing or humming noises, and visually inspect them for wear and tear.

Your service technician should be willing to give you pointers that can be used to personally inspect the basic functions of your electrical system throughout the year, so you can more easily detect small issues before they become serious.

Doors and Windows

If your older home's windows and doors are leaking excessive air, you are probably spending more money on energy than is necessary. When your doors and windows are well-sealed, you can expect to save yourself some money on cooling and heating costs throughout the year, reduce noise pollution from outdoors, decrease pollen and dust infiltration, as well as improve indoor humidity control. So have a professional inspect your doors and windows every once in a while for leaks so they can reinforce them with weatherstripping and spray foam insulation where necessary.

By having your home's electrical system, doors, and windows inspected, you may be able to save yourself a significant amount of money on energy costs, maintenance, and repairs as time goes on. Contact a company like Sycamore Engineering for more information.