Propane 101: 3 Handy Ways To Use Propane Around The Home

When you think of propane fuel, you probably think about heating your home or grilling some burgers. While those are the most popular uses for propane, they aren't the only ones. Contrary to what you might believe, propane is a very versatile fuel. There are many ways in which you can use propane around your home.

Not convinced? Here are three other ways to use propane at home:

1. Heating Water

Propane is a fabulous fuel for heating water. It works quickly and can even heat water on demand. Propane water heaters are also less bulky than their electric cousins, which can be a huge incentive if you live in a smaller home, as you won't have to sacrifice precious floor space for comfort. Propane can also be used to keep pools and hot tubs warm year-round so that you can always swim and relax in comfort.

2. Fueling Fireplaces

Another handy use for propane is fueling fireplaces. While traditional wood burning fireplaces do the same job, propane does it better. A huge benefit to propane fireplaces is that they burn cleanly. This means that the air quality in your home won't be sacrificed during the chilly winter months. Propane fireplaces also do not require a damper, which means the heat it produces will stay in your home and not escape out of the building. Finally, propane radiates heat more efficiently than electric or wood burning fireplaces, which means that the entire room will stay warm and toasty.

3. Powering Major Appliances

Finally, propane works excellently for powering major appliances. It can power ovens, cooktops, and even clothes dryers. While you certainly could opt for electric versions of these appliances, propane has several benefits that electrical versions do not.

For example, it is much safer and easier to cook with a propane fueled cooktop, because it distributes heat more evenly. The cooktop also cools faster, which makes it much safer around children. Propane is also more efficient when it comes to drying clothing because it produces heat much faster, which cuts down the time needed to dry clothes. It also produces a moister heat, which means you'll be less likely to accidentally burn clothing. The moist heat also helps prevent colors from bleeding during drying.

As you can see, propane has many wonderful uses around the home—both inside and outside. So if you are thinking of switching from electric, consider using propane in one of these three ways. To learn more, contact a company like Gas Production CO Inc.