3 Tips For Refilling Your Forklift Batteries

If your forklifts operate off of batteries, you are probably glad that you don't have to deal with the cost and odor of fuel on a daily basis. One thing that you might not have the hang of, however, is refilling your forklift batteries. Doing so can seem overwhelming, but it's actually something that you really shouldn't skip if you want to take good care of your battery-operated forklifts.

Adding water to your batteries is important if you want to keep them charged and working properly, and adding water at the right times can help extend your batteries' lifespans as well. These are a few helpful tips that can make refilling easy; then, you'll see that taking good care of your forklift batteries is even easier than you thought.

1. Use Distilled Water

Unless you have tested the water in your place of business and have ensured that it does not have a lot of minerals in it, it's best to use distilled water. If you use hard water, the mineral buildup can cause damage to your forklift batteries over time.

2. Charge Your Batteries First

Take the time to charge your batteries before you fill them up, rather than after. This is because the electrolyte levels can rise during charging, so you could find that you have too much water in your batteries if you fill them up first. Overfilling can cause damage, so it's best to bring your batteries to a full charge before adding any water.

3. Use a Battery Filling System

Consider investing in an inexpensive battery filling system, which can help you get the right amount of water into your batteries without overfilling them. Basically, these filling systems use an indicator light to let you know when you have put in enough water. If you don't use a filling system, check the owner's manuals for your batteries to determine the best indicator for when you have added enough water. For example, some battery manufacturers place small measurement indicators on the side of the tank to make it easier for you to refill to the proper level.

If you want to take good care of your forklifts and ensure that your batteries last for as long as possible, it's important to add water to them regularly. Luckily, doing so doesn't have to be as challenging as you think, as long as you follow these three simple refilling tips. To learn more, contact Shelton Battery, Inc.