Deciding On A Cargo Trailer: Which Type Is Best For You?

When deciding on a cargo trailer, you need to consider how the trailer will be utilized. The cargo itself will give clues as to the size, shape, and style necessary for your ideal trailer. For example, the total weight of your items should be calculated before making your choice. As trailers can carry a range of materials—from heavy cars, to delicate antiques, to hay—you need the cargo trailer that you can rely on to safely transport your goods to the final location. So which type is best for you?

Enclosed Cargo Trailer

When it's essential that your cargo is kept from outside elements, an enclosed cargo trailer can be a great choice. Unlike open-bed varieties, enclosed trailers can also be locked to protect your valuables from potential thieves if you need to stay parked or away from your vehicle for an extended period of time. However, despite the obvious security benefits, there a few downsides.

First, the box-like shape of enclosed trailers produces wind drag that can vastly reduce your aerodynamics and lead to a longer and more expensive trip (less gas-efficient). Then there's the issue of loading and unloading. The pre-defined space restrictions mean that your cargo has to be a certain height and width.

Specially Designed Enclosed Trailers

If you know exactly what you'll be transporting on a regular basis, a specially designed enclosed trailer may be a great option. For example, transporting livestock requires proper ventilation, custom compartmentalized sections, and weight allowances. Certain trailers can include wide swinging doors or sliding doors that make loading your particular items or animals far easier. This option allows you to enjoy the benefits of enclosed trailers without many of the downsides, though wind drag will still be an issue to consider.

Open Trailers

There are also many open trailer styles on the market. These offer greater flexibility when it comes to loading and cargo size. You can even install walls on many open trailers, allowing you to securely tie down your cargo with tarps. While offering significant loading advantages, a lack of security may be an issue if valuables are going to be left unattended for a significant period of time.

When choosing a cargo trailer, there are many options to consider. Enclosed cargo trailers, specialty enclosed trailers, and open cargo trailers all provide benefits and disadvantages in terms of space, speed, and security. Depending on your cargo, weigh these pros and cons and talk with a company like Blue Ridge Trailer Sales & Service to find the trailer that is the perfect fit for your needs.